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The Relax Inn was originally built in the 1930s as the Cascade Motel, and is one of the oldest motels in Lewis County. The Cascade Motel was owned by the Hollis family for over 60 years before Azad and Geeta Patel purchased the motel in the 90s. The Patel family renovated and reopened the property as The Relax Inn in 1994.

Historic Cascade Motel
Historic Cascade Motel
Historic Cascade Motel

Meet the Owners

The Relax Inn was established by two Indian immigrants Azad and Geeta Patel, who moved to America in the 1980's. They have two beautiful children, Vimal and Reema, who you will see helping out the family business when in town. The family has spent many years updating the interior and exterior of the motel, adding features such as lush landscape, larger bed sizes, and jacuzzi tubs. 

In 2003, The Relax Inn received the Community Spirit Award by the City of Chehalis.

Quotes from members of the town: 

"You go above and beyond to make your business better," said Bob Spahr, 2003 Mayor. "I wish I had half the green thumb you do."

"A look shows they're dedication to improving their facility," said Todd Christensen, 2003 executive director of the Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce.  

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The Relax Inn sits in the historic town of Chehalis, right off the Interstate-5 between Seattle and Portland. The town is home to the Southwest Fairgrounds, the Chehalis Centralia Railroad & Museum, Riverside Golf Club and other hubs of culinary, entertainment and vintage shopping culture.

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